Henry's new room...

My goal was to paint Henry's room before I hit 30 weeks...and by the skin of my teeth, I made it :) Mostly thanks to Sharon. We worked together to get it done, but Sharon did far more than her 50%, largely due to some sort of random sciatic nerve/groin issue that kind of sidelined me from any of the high & low painting. I have a hard time admitting to myself that I need to slow down, but I think the time has come (slowing down is always open to interpretation though :)

Now that the painting is done, we can start arranging the furniture, assembling Henry's bed, and hanging things on the wall. The idea that there will soon be 2 little Wiebes occupying these rooms is starting to feel more real.

The paint color is gray...kind of hard to tell in the pictures.

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toni said...

I like the wall color. Can't wait to see the progress.