Morro Bay...

We took our post-basketball season family trip to the beach last weekend. It rained almost the entire time we were there...which actually worked out quite well considering all we really wanted to do was watch basketball, sew, and play with daddy (I'll let you figure out who had what desire). It was probably the first vacation since Henry was born that I truly felt like I was able to relax and actually came home refreshed :)

Here's what we did...

Henry loved to ride down the stairs on daddy's lap:

We took walks to the park & to visit the seals in between showers:

Henry accidentally put both of his legs into one pantleg. Watching him hop around like that was hilarious!:

Lots of march madness watching. Lots:

John and Henry built lots of couch cushion forts:

I worked on my quilt:

Henry became obsessed with seals! He can bark like them and everything. Despite his new obsession with them, he DID NOT like going to the Morro Bay Aquarium to actually feed the seals. He was too close to them and they were too loud! Oh well, maybe next time:

We are so thankful that we have my Grandma Net's great Morro Bay condo to use to refresh ourselves after a very long and draining basketball season.

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toni said...

So glad you were able to get away and have a relaxing and fun time!