Henry's room (part 2)...

Before we look at the current state of Henry's new room, let's revisit a few old photos shall we?...

The fact that I was even able to clear out his room was a HUGE accomplishment. There was more junk in there than I care to admit. Thanks to some serious purging, furniture removal, and the installation of my sewing nook cabinets I was able to clear out the room fairly easily. It did take me awhile, but I took advantage of multiple nap times to make it happen.

So anyways, with those images in mind, here is Henry's new room so far...

View from the door:
Bob cut a piece of plywood and some wooden slats for me to put on the bedframe, so now all we need to get is a mattress! It should be noted that his bed frame was purchased at the church yard sale for a mere $2. I couldn't be happier with it :)

Bed & Old kitchen cabinet that John redid for me:

I plan to put shelves up above the cabinet (and possibly paint the cabinet too) and then hang some artwork & Henry's name letters above his bed.

Vintage desk/nightstand:
I found this desk at an antique store in Visalia for $30...I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it or not, but once the owner of the store saw me debating the purchase he dropped the price to $20. Sold. It's perfect for Henry, I think.

Henry's dresser:
This dresser was purchased at the church yard sale a few years ago for $5! I bought new navy blue knobs at World Market and I think it looks as good as new. It's sort of girly, but it works, I think. The metal basket on the top of the dresser I took out of my Grandma Net's shed (with her permission). It is an old freezer basket. I think the basket will serve as a great place to store some of Henry's favorite books since I don't really have a bookcase in here.

View of the dresser & closet:

I still have plenty more to do in here, but the basics are all in place, which is good. It at least feels like Henry can live and play in here now, which was my goal. I'll post pictures of the room as it progresses.

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toni said...

I am beyond impressed with the clean out of that room. Amazing! Love the vintage desk. Henry's room is going to be sweeeeet.