A baby quilt from Aunt Katie...

My sister is expecting her first child come September, which means that this child will make me an aunt! Woohoo! Even before she became pregnant, I found myself thinking about the fact that I wanted to make each of my future nieces & nephews a baby quilt. I wanted each of these "Aunt Katie Quilts" to be unique in some ways, but similar in others. I think I've come up with a way to satisfy both requirements.

The strip quilt:

I think the strip quilt is the perfect simple baby quilt for me. It is quick and easy to cut and sew and it is the perfect way to display fun, colorful, and favorite fabrics. Making this quilt top took hardly any time at all and it is so cute. Denise chose the hullabaloo fabrics for her quilt, and I love it! Perfect for a boy or a girl, I think (because Denise & Andrew, like us, have chosen not to find out their baby's gender). I can't wait to make many more of these :)

*The strip quilt idea was brought to my attention by this post via the quilting blog, Film in the Fridge (I love this blog!)


Suzanne said...

Love it Katie!

toni said...

Cute idea and a very special gift.