Henry's birthday party...

We celebrated Henry's birthday with a family celebration last Saturday. The party was subtly farm-themed since Henry loves animals right now (he still loves sports too, but I have a feeling that there will be more sports themed parties in our future, so I opted out this year).

Birthday #2 will be remembered as the year of the matchbox cars! Henry received lots of these little cars and he LOVES them (I love them too because they are small and easy to store :) He has already decided that some of the matchbox cars belong outside in the dirt (i.e: anything with a scoop, most construction vehicles, and of course, his dump truck). Another highlight of the party was getting to eat "Gaa's" cupcakes (I think that might have been a highlight for everyone...Jill really outdid herself with the peanut butter and chocolate ones).

Here are a few pictures...

Henry's farmer hat

Reading his new tractor book with Aunt Kelly

Matchbox cars...


Henry opening his medical kit & doctor books from Aunt Denise. He's patting my belly because we have been talking about the fact that mama is going to have our baby in the hospital with the doctor. When we talk about this he will often grab his ear and say "ow" because last time he went to the doctor he had an ear infection.

Cutest backpack ever. Thanks Aunt Jill!

Playing matchbox cars with Grandma Sharon

Birthday candles with Grandma Gail

A few family photos...

In these 2 pictures, Henry is pointing to the sky because he just found out that Drew had to miss his party because he was flying on an airplane.

We had a fun day!

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