Henry & the sprinkler...

Henry got this cool inflatable ball sprinkler for his birthday from Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon. He wasn't so sure about a ball shooting water at it him at first, but he got over that, and now he LOVES it!

Here's what Charlie and I did while Henry and daddy played in the water...

I kind of miss doing my monthly update posts on Henry. So, in honor of that, here's the latest on son #1:
  • Henry is talking up a storm! It is so cute to hear his word pronunciations. He now calls Uncle Jay, "Dude" and Aunt Denise "Aunt Nees". He also can now say Gail, but it sounds more like "Gay-o". He is moving away from saying "baba" for ball and now can pretty much say the word in it's own right.
  • Henry likes to sleep with the bunny that Grandma Donna gave him for Easter. This bunny used to have a baseball stitched to its paw, but that fell off a good long while ago.
  • While I was pregnant with Charlie Henry loved to rub my belly. I figured this would probably stop once I no longer had a baby belly, but I was wrong. He can't fall asleep for nap or bedtime without rubbing it. Every time he touches my belly he always says, "No baby...baby out!" It's pretty sweet. Sometimes he says, "More baby" as if he wants there to be a baby in there again. I'm not sure if he means he wants Charlie back in my womb or if he wants another sibling...
  • Henry loves to swim and jump off the diving board.
  • Henry loves to give Charlie kisses, but lately he's been getting a bit rough with him. He likes to bounce his bouncer with great force and yesterday I caught him pushing his finger into his cheek really hard. We have some work to do in the kindness department, I think.
  • Before bed John has to read Henry the Noah story from all 3 children's Bibles that we have. While turning the pages to that story one night, Henry saw the Adam and Eve story and was concerned by the way the illustrator portrayed Adam and Eve with tears in their eyes...John told him that Adam and Eve were sad because they disobeyed God. John asked him if he ever got sad. Henry immediately got very serious and started to get tears in his eyes! He said he gets sad when dada goes to the high school (without him). So sweet!
  • Henry is a pretty sensitive little boy. If he hurts someone or does something wrong unintentionally and we raise our voice with him he is heartbroken. His lower lip starts to quiver and he gets huge crocodile tears in his eyes. I think he feels embarrassed by his mistake. (Now, if he disobeys intentionally...that's a whole different story :)
  • I'm really enjoying Henry's increased ability to communicate. His personality is really beginning to show and the ways in which he expresses himself can be quite charming!

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