We just returned from a week-long vacation to the beach with John's family. Well, technically we returned last Friday, but it's taken me this long to get through the massive amounts of laundry we created during our stay, so I am finally getting around to blogging again.

I did a pretty pathetic job of capturing our week together in photos. The reality is, I spent a lot of time feeding Charlie on our trip...which is fine, it just doesn't make for many opportunities to take pictures. Oh well, such is life right now, I guess. So, unfortunately, I did not even get 1 single (good) photo of Henry with Aunt Gaa (Aunt Jill)...which is horrible since Henry was pretty much obsessed with her the entire week we were there. Good thing we'll be going back in September so I can redeem myself. Sorry, Aunt Jill!

While there we repainted the 2 downstairs bedrooms and bathroom (Sharon will probably post pictures of this soon), made a couple of trips to Avila, ate LOTS of yogurt from Yogurt Creations, and basically relaxed, which was perfect for me! Vacationing with extended family is GREAT! I feel like I get a real vacation because I don't have as much of the meal planning, kid watching, and general vacation organization on my shoulders. We have another beach trip with my family planned for next month, so we are looking forward to that as well.

Here are the few pictures I did take:

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Olive Oyl said...

we had such a great time playing with you guys on the beach. Swee'Pea came home asking when he could play with his friend Henry again. SO much fun!