Week 3...

I love Charlie's newborn frog legs (above)

Week 3 highlights:
  • He's pretty much doing his usual newborn thing...lots of eating, sleeping, and pooping...but he's doing all three things well :)
  • I feel like he's starting to change looks a bit...I think I see lots of John in him now.
  • Charlie is beginning to fill out. I'm starting to see some serious chub on his legs and his jowls are filling in nicely.
  • Charlie made his first visit to aerobics today. After a 3-week break we are back at it. This routine must feel pretty normal to him. So normal, in fact, that he slept right through it!
  • I've started with the cloth diapers now that his circumcision is healed. They are working out well for us.
  • Henry likes to hold Charlie, but he still can't say his name. If people ask him what his brother's name is he says, "Noah, " because Henry is obsessed with the Noah story in the Bible.
  • Charlie is one loved little boy. Today his cousins Ryan and Jack took turns holding him, which was just too cute for words.
  • We love our Charlie!

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