Week 9...

One of these days I'll get this posted on a Monday, but until then, better late than never...

9-week highlights:
  • Charlie had his first hospital stay due to a skin infection that looked suspiciously like a staph infection...luckily it wasn't. He's healing up fine with all of the creams the doctor prescribed.
  • Charlie is a pretty content and easy baby. If he gets fussy he's usually tired, hungry, or just wants a change of scenery. If we respond to one of these needs we usually satisfy him and he is happy again.
  • Charlie is sleeping really well. Last night he slept from 9pm-5:45am! Yeah! :) I've started putting him down a bit earlier than 10pm, but he's still sleeping until somewhere between 4-6am.
  • Charlie naps! This was NEVER the case with Henry (He liked to sleep on me or not at all). Charlie usually takes a nice morning and afternoon nap. He really likes to sleep in his swing, but sometimes he sleeps in his bed too.
  • Not that I want to get into the habit of comparing my boys, but Charlie seems to be a much more "textbook" baby. When I think back to all of the books that I read when Henry was a baby I remember being amazed that sleep training, nap schedules, and not nursing a baby to sleep actually worked...Now that I have Charlie I can see why! Charlie seems to have this sleeping thing figured out already (hopefully I won't jinx myself :)
  • Charlie has such a great smile and we all melt when he shares it with us!

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