Week 12...

12-week highlights:
  • Charlie is BIG. He's just 2 lbs. shy of the weight limit on his carseat (we know plenty of people who keep their kids in these carseats until they are 1), he is wearing 12-month clothes, and he displaces almost all of the water in his baby bathtub when he sits in it. We love our big boy, but most of the baby gear that we have just doesn't seem to fit him very well at this point.
  • Charlie's eczema seems to be improving a bit, but, most importantly, it is definitely not getting worse, which is good. Aquafor is Charlie's new best friend. I keep him slathered in that stuff all day long. Our clothes are getting grease stains on them, but as long as his skin is looking better that's all that matters.
  • Charlie isn't sleeping through the night anymore. boo. He's waking up around 4:00 and then going back to sleep and sleeping until 7:30ish. Definitely not horrible, but not as good as sleeping until 6:30 either. I'm praying that he doesn't take after Henry in the sleep department...I don't think I can handle that.
  • Charlie is blowing lots of bubbles.
  • Reaching for toys is his new favorite pastime.
  • His legs are getting much stronger. He's able to stand while we hold him up, which is fun.
  • Charlie is starting to notice Henry and likes to smile and laugh at him. I think they're going to be great friends :)
  • This boy of ours continues to be a complete delight.

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