Week 14...

14-week highlights:
  • Charlie's long morning nap has been non-existent the past couple of mornings. boo. Although, I've had the flu, so maybe I've thrown things off. Hopefully we'll get things back on track soon.
  • Charlie either sleeps through the night, or wakes up once around 4:00. Either way, we aren't feeling sleep deprived, which is a huge blessing :)
  • I thought I wanted to move Charlie out of our room and into his crib last weekend, so John disassembled the co-sleeper. But...then we had that random thunder & lightning storm and I decided I wasn't ready. So, he's sleeping in the pac 'n play in our room. He'll move into his own room soon.
  • Charlie's skin is looking much better. It's still red and splotchy in all of his creases (there are a lot of them!) but his skin has great color overall and seems to be on the mend. Yeah!
  • Charlie is starting to laugh more and more every day. We love this!
  • I am nursing Charlie to sleep between 8:30 and 9:00 now. Slowly, but surely, we are getting his bedtime moved up.
  • We love Charlie!

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