Craigslist finds...

I often do quick searches on craigslist for a few things...namely play kitchens and play houses. Usually nothing great turns up, but last week I lucked out and found 2 great play kitchens!

This stove top was $10 (I found it listed on amazon for anywhere from $30-$40) and is in great condition. It folds flat to store, so it can be put away easily. It's perfect for Henry to play with while I'm cooking. Henry's already putting it to good use, which makes me happy :)

This next play kitchen I bought is for outside. It was $15 (listed on amazon for $70). The lady who sold it to us said that her kids were never interested in it, so it has hardly been used at all. It looks brand new! Right now we have it on our patio, and it is already seeing lots of good use. I'm imagining Henry using it to make mud pies and all sorts of other outdoor recipes.

I'm not much of a toy buyer, but I think these 2 toys will be well used and loved by Henry and Charlie. Since we have a small yard, my goal is to do what I can to provide a variety of different ways to play out there. I think this play kitchen brings me closer to that goal :)

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