Week 16...

16-week highlights:
  • At 3 1/2 months, Charlie is a whopping 22 lbs (Henry didn't reach 22 lbs. until 8 months)! His carseat only goes up to 22 lbs, but I am loathe to switch him out of it just yet. If I move him to a bigger carseat, I won't have a cozy seat for him at places like church & Bible Study.
  • I have started leaving Charlie in the nursery during Sunday School as well as during the first hour or so of Bible Study. He seems to be doing pretty well.
  • The only problem with leaving Charlie in the nursery is that the nursery workers tell me that their arms are SO SORE once they are done holding Charlie. To which I can definitely agree.
  • Charlie LOVES Henry. He is always laughing at the things he does throughout the day. So cute!
  • Charlie is still jabbering up a storm.
  • He's still sleeping through the night and taking a really great morning nap. We're working on getting that afternoon nap figured out.
  • Charlie is almost able to roll over. He can get on his side, but can't get all the way over yet. Maybe next week.
  • Charlie is a complete delight.

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