Week 18...

Henry fixing Charlie's bandaids...

18-week highlights:
  • The biggest highlight this week was that Charlie's hair has started to grow back in! His eczema/cradle cap really wreaked havoc on his hairline, but I think that is all behind us now...he's got some great peach fuzz coming in :)
  • Charlie's skin seems to be almost back to normal. I'm crediting the cooler weather for the improvement.
  • A few days ago I was feeding Charlie and Henry was sitting next to me on the couch rubbing Charlie's head. After a few minutes, Henry looked up at me and said, "I lub my brudder." (Translation: I love my brother). So sweet!
  • Charlie still sleeps well. We've stopped swaddling him and are now using a sleep sack for nights instead. This change hasn't affected his sleeping habits at all.
  • Charlie had his 4-month check up today. He has reached all of his milestones and is completely off the charts for height and weight. (Height= 28.5", Weight= 21lbs. 15 oz.)
  • Charlie is a dream baby. If he had been my first born I think I would have been a bit smug in my mothering abilities...Henry kept me humble :)

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