Week 21...

21-week highlights:
  • Charlie has entered quite the momma's boy phase. He will be screaming his head off while John is holding him, but as soon as I walk in the room he smiles and laughs. He likes it best when he can see me.
  • Charlie is going to bed between 7 and 7:30 and sleeping until around 4:30. I feed him and put him back to bed and then he sleeps until 6:30 or 7ish. At least that's his routine this week :)
  • Charlie loves to suck on a washcloth in the bathtub. Probably his current favorite thing to do.
  • Naps are showing signs of improvement. He will now take them, at least. They are only 45 minutes long, but that's better than nothing. My mom wisely told me that my boys just might not be good sleepers early on. She also reminded me that Henry seems to be doing fine, so I shouldn't waste my time worrying about the nap issues. Good points she makes.
  • I'm still nursing him to sleep. I know all of the books say not to, but, quite frankly, this works for us, so we'll ride it out for awhile.
  • I tried giving Charlie some banana, but his tongue still pushes everything out, instead of pulling it back in. I'll try solids again in a few weeks and see how he does.
  • I tried the solids because Charlie is starting to get quite HUNGRY! He's definitely interested in eating every 2 hours so I thought I could stretch that out a bit with the solids. Not quite there yet, but soon, I'm sure.
  • I see a lot of similarities between Henry and Charlie. Their sleeping habits are fairly similar. They both LOVE to fall asleep while nursing and they only want to take 45 minute naps. I feel like Charlie is a bit more relaxed than Henry ever was, but overall I don't feel like Charlie acts much different than Henry.

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