Week 23...

Watch Charlie roll...

23-week highlights:
  • Charlie loves to lay on my lap while I fold laundry. He thinks it is absolutely hilarious when I shake the wrinkles out of the clothes. He laughs every time I do it. Consequently, I'm enjoying doing laundry a wee bit more than usual.
  • Henry is pretty much the funniest person ever to Charlie. Whenever we are in the car, Henry makes him laugh out loud. It is pretty cute.
  • Bathtime is Charlie's favorite time on the day.
  • One of my favorite things about this age is when Charlie reaches for something, his hands shake as they move towards his desired object. He knows what he wants and tries so hard to get his hands to it. I love watching his concentration.
  • Charlie is now using his rolling skills to get to new places and objects. It's pretty cute to watch, but pretty soon life is going to change around here. We're all going to have to be more careful with what we leave on the floor, and Henry is going to have a hard time adjusting to Charlie getting into his stuff.
  • We're working on finding a good bedtime for Charlie. Right now I'm thinking between 6:30 and 7:00 is good, so we'll see if that continues to work out for us.
  • Naps are being taken in the carseat under the microwave vent. Our microwave vent is the BEST white noise!
  • Charlie wakes up once or twice/night to eat. Very manageable.
  • This boy of ours is pure joy. We love him so much!

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