Week 24...

Week-24 highlights:
  • First of all...week 24 already? Sheesh. He's almost6 months old!
  • Obviously Charlie's latest milestone is sitting. He still topples often, but he's getting more and more stable with each passing day.
  • Charlie is starting to reach for mom which, for me, is a development that is right up there with smiling & laughing.
  • I haven't started solid foods with him yet, but will probably do so in the next week or two. To be honest, solids are kind of a pain, so I'm putting it off until I think he seems to be really ready for them. Nothing beats the ease of breastmilk.
  • On the subject of eating...I haven't even attempted to give Charlie a bottle. Henry would never take one, and pumping wasn't very easy for me (although, admittedly, I didn't try very hard at it), so this time around I'm perfectly content being his only food source. Every so often it is a pain, but for the most part I'm perfectly happy with this arrangement.
  • Charlie is taking 3 naps/day. One around 9ish, another around 1ish, and another short one right before dinner. I usually just sit on the couch and hold him for his last nap and watch a few videos on the computer with Henry.
  • Charlie's waking up usually once or twice at night. He goes to bed around 7:00.
  • I have to say that I am enjoying Charlie's current stage so much! He's very happy and social, he's reaching for mama, he's doing relatively well in the sleeping department, and he still isn't able to get into anything yet :)
  • Charlie is such a lovable little guy.

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Suzanne said...

That's CRAZY! Charlie looks like a different baby - strike that - little boy! I guess it's the sitting up. but he look so old and so much like Jon!! Adorable!!