Week 40...

40-week highlights:
  • Charlie is all about his tongue these days. He is constantly moving it in and out of his mouth.
  • Charlie is congested again, so he's not sleeping well. Naps are being taken on me and he's waking up at least twice/night (around 12:30 and 4:30).
  • I'm still nursing Charlie back to sleep in the middle of the night. I know he is physically capable of going all night without nursing, but to be honest, it's the easiest way to get him back to sleep, and I'm not ready to give that up yet...especially since we have a few short overnight trips planned in the weeks ahead.
  • I feel like Charlie's sleeping habits are eerily similar to Henry's when he was this age. I seriously don't know what it is like to have a child fall asleep easily on their own. I worked and worked and worked with Henry on this and never had any success (until he turned 2 that is). Now I'm feeling like Charlie's habits are going to be the same. Oh well. Henry is now falling asleep on his own so I know there's hope for Charlie too.
  • Charlie loves to crawl into our shower.
  • He pulls up on everything and then scoots around while standing to get to what he wants.
  • He knows his name.
  • Henry is still pretty much the most hilarious person ever to Charlie.
  • Charlie's skin finally feels like soft baby skin. I love touching him now! His chest/tummy and diaper area are still the worst spots for his eczema.
  • When we put him in the bathtub he is happy for a few minutes and then starts screaming uncontrollably. The water must really bother his skin. I try to avoid bathing him every day, but we've been outside a lot lately, and he gets dirty when we're out there, so I have to bathe him. At least the lotion helps after the bath...
  • The olive oil on his head is still helping with his dry/flaky scalp. I stopped using it for about a week because I though I had his head cleared up, but then the dryness came back. So now we're back to applying it at least every other day.
  • Whew. Lots going on with Charlie! Most importantly though, we still loves him lots!

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Jill V said...

Don't feel bad....I don't know what it's like to have a child fall asleep easily on their own either. None of my kids have done that before their 2nd birthday. We just remind ourselves that they won't be little forever! :)