Week 45...

45-week highlights:

  • We are thinking that Charlie is starting to favor John in the looks department a bit more.  We'll see though.  He definitely looks a lot like Henry did at this age, but he has his own unique look too.
  • Charlie has John's hairline...it's sort of receding a bit on the top :)
  • Charlie LOVES strawberries.  Definitely his favorite food at this point.  He also loves meat.
  • Charlie is becoming much more stable with the standing.  Today I saw him crouch down from standing and then stand back up.
  • Charlie took his first step yesterday!  He was reaching for something, took a step, and then fell on his bottom.  Walking is right around the corner.
  • Playing in the toilet is a highlight for Charlie (gross!)  Luckily, Henry received a water table for his birthday from Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon and Charlie absolutely loves it!
  • Nighttime sleeping is going pretty well.  He's pretty much sleeping through the night on his own now.  He goes to bed between 7:00 and 8:00 depending on when he woke up from his afternoon nap.  I nurse him, but try to make sure he doesn't fall asleep on me, then I rock him to sleep.  Hopefully this will help our weaning transition.
  •  Naps are definitely very different for Charlie than nighttime sleep.  I try to keep everything the same as far as routine goes, but he still won't sleep on his own.  I am still trying to lay him down, but he's not going for it, so I hold him while he sleeps.  He needs the sleep, and either I hold him and he gets it, or I don't hold him and he doesn't get it.  Just the way it is for now.  We'll overcome this at some point, when that point is, I have no idea :)
  • Charlie is smiley and happy.  He loves to crawl around the backyard and get completely filthy by playing in the sandbox and garden.  He also loves to do anything that Henry does.  He is such a complete and utter delight.  I think Henry enjoys having a brother too.  Yesterday he asked me if we could go to the hospital and get another Charlie :)  Sweet boys!


Stephanie Ann said...

Joshua enjoys the toilet too! All bathroom doors need to be closed around here! :)

Cathy said...

How precious that Henry wanted to go get another boy at the hospital :) It's fun to watch them grow up Katie!