Henry says...

A few funny things Henry said today...

Henry: *sneeze* "Mom, I need a cough drop?"
Me: "Why? You aren't coughing."
Henry: "Yes, I am!"
Me: "No, you are sneezing."
Henry: "Well...then I need a sneeze drop."

Me: "Henry, we have to stop at Goodwill and drop some things off before we go to Grandpa Royce & Grandma Gail's house."
Henry: "I don't want to go to Goodwill!  It is boring!  It is not Goodwill, it is Badwill!"

Henry: "It's a beautiful day!"
Me: "Yes, it is!"
Henry: "It is a beautiful day for a Dodger game!"

Henry: "Mom, what day is it?"
Me: "It's Tuesday."
Henry: "Oh, that means Matt Kemp will play today!"
(I asked John about this, and apparently Matt Kemp is coming off of the disabled list today...smart kid!)

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