Week 46...

46-week highlights:

  • Charlie is now able to walk while pushing something (wagon, Henry's little radio flyer bike, etc.).  When he does this he always flashes a big grin...he thinks he's pretty awesome.  But so does his mother :)
  • Charlie likes to play with cars.  He puts his hands on the top of them and rolls them all around.
  • He loves to stand up and crawl onto the dishwasher when the door is open.
  • He is now throwing fits by arching his back and throwing his head backwards.  This is really unfortunate when I am holding him and walking through doorways because he will often hit his head on the doorframe.
  • Charlie is the happiest and most easily self-entertained when he first wakes up.  Probably from about 6am-9am is when I am able to get the most done.  The problem is, if Charlie has a bad night, then John will get up with him so that I can sleep in, which means I lose some of this productive time.
  • Charlie is often the fussiest from about 4-6pm...which doesn't bode well for dinner preparation.  I always have grand plans of big salads and roasted veggies to go with our main dishes, but lately I've been throwing a bag of baby carrots on the table and calling it good.
  • We're thinking that strawberries may not agree very well with Charlie.  Everytime we allow him to eat a lot of strawberries he has a really horrible night that follows.  Who knows though, he has other bad nights that don't coincide with the strawberries too.
  • I put in some nighttime parenting this week...Charlie's been waking up quite a bit.
  • I tried to work on naps with him last week, but just didn't have a ton of success with changing things up, so we'll stick with the nursing to sleep and maybe mix in a few walks to get him napping in the stroller.
  • Charlie LOVES to crawl around on our patio (I like to refer to it as our "big playpen").  He chases balls, stands up and looks out of the gate, and just generally has a grand time out there.
  • Only 6 weeks until Charlie turns one!  We love him to pieces :)

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