Week 47...

These pictures are getting harder for me to take!  Charlie just keeps crawling away from me.  I guess that means it's almost time for his first-year weekly picture series to come to a close.So sad!

47-week highlights:

  • Charlie loves to eat meat, crackers, strawberries (although I'm still thinking they give him an upset stomach if he eats too many), blueberries (LOVES them!), yams, beans, most everything really.  He can out eat Henry at this point, I think :)
  • Charlie is still cruising all around the house.  He walks from wall to couch to ottoman to side table to chair to...  He's everywhere.  He's just not able to walk without holding on to anything yet.
  • When the door opens, Charlie crawls as fast as he can to get outside.  He loves to crawl around on the patio.
  • Our swing in the backyard is the BEST thing ever.  I think Charlie was in there for almost 2 hours today.  Why did we not have one of these when Henry was this age?!
  • Charlie still loves playing in the toilet :(
  • He loves to pull out all of my cookie sheets and throw them on the floor.  This makes a TON of noise, and he loves it!
  • He also loves to turn pages in books.
  • On the sleeping front, he goes to bed between 7 and 8pm.  If I buy some blackout shades I think I would have more consistent success with getting him down at 7.  He usually sleeps until somewhere between 3 and 6am.  Whenever he wakes up we just get him and put him in bed with us.  We've tried crying it out, and it just didn't get us anywhere, so Charlie wins and sleeps with mom and dad.
  • I'm still nursing Charlie to sleep for naps.  Don't ask me what I'm going to do with him once I start weaning him at one.  Probably try the stroller, I guess.  I have had some success lately transferring him to the floor once he's asleep.  Not ideal, but it works for now.
  • Charlie continues to absolutely adore Henry.  He just generally wants to be where Henry is, doing whatever it is that Henry is doing.
  • Charlie is really heavy.  I'm ready for him to start walking, but other than that, he can just stay as he is right now, and I'd be happy (well, maybe he can nap a little better too ;).  He is such a sweet little guy!

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toni said...

We have blackout shades in our room. They are hideous, but definitely necessary when putting Kate to sleep. (yes, she still sleeps in our room :))