Week 48...

48-week highlights:

  • Charlie loves Henry.  Lately, Henry has been getting put in time out in his room for being deliberately too rough with Charlie.  When I put him in there and shut the door, Charlie will crawl all the way from the family room to Henry's door and put his hands underneath the door to try and get to Henry.  It doesn't matter that Henry's in trouble for hurting him, Charlie forgives quickly and wants to see his brother again!
  • Charlie's skin is looking great!  I thought the warm weather would make it flare up, but so far he seems to be doing fine.
  • Charlie is cruising all around and is beginning to dabble in taking steps.  I've seen him take a few as he reaches from one piece of furniture to the next.  
  • He likes to push the plastic lawnmower around the yard.
  • Charlie loves to pick up towels and play peek-a-boo with us.
  • Charlie is beginning to recognize the uses of different items.  If he picks up a comb, he puts it to his head.  If he grabs a napkin, he pats his mouth with it, or if he grabs a toothbrush, he puts it in his mouth.  Smart kid.
  • Charlie is a great eater.  He likes most everything.  I've just started giving him raisins, and he loves them!  Now that he's eating raisins I don't think we'll have to mess with prune juice anymore :)
  • I'm still working on trying to get Charlie to sleep without nursing him.  Denise said that she is having some success with rocking Levi to sleep while she watches a show on TV.  I've tried white noise and music, but never TV, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I fired up Downton Abbey and rocked him in the brown chair.  I had success the first few times with this, but not much since, I'll keep working at it though.  One this I was successfull at...becoming completely obsessed with Downton Abbey.  I finished season one in 3 days!
  • Charlie's nighttime sleeping is still a bit erratic.  He'll wake up anywhere between 3 and 6.  I nurse him and he goes back to sleep.  I should probably start working on giving him some water or something else since I'm going to start working on weaning him soon.  
  • Charlie laughs and smiles ALOT!  He is really good-natured and generally a pretty happy little guy.  

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toni said...

The story about Charlie still loving Henry in timeout is so sweet! You can remind him of that when they are older and maybe not so quick to forgive :)