Week 49...

49-week highlights:

  • We've started to let Charlie cry-it-out at night this past week. So far things have been going pretty well.  John does all of the comforting because if I did it, I'd probably give in and feed him.  The first night John went in 3 times to comfort him and it took Charlie an hour to fall asleep.  The second night he went in only once and after a few whimpers he fell back asleep.  The third night he didn't wake at all, and last night he woke up once but John went in to him and got him back to sleep rather quickly.  Hopefully this will keep working for us!
  • Charlie is now taking a few steps when he wants to go from one place to another if it is very close by.      Today I saw him take 3 steps at once!
  • When Charlie wants more food (which is often) he waves his hands up and down and whines really loudly.  He pretty much does this whenever he wants anything really.  
  • His favorite thing to play with right now is John's cell phone.
  • We've been walking him to sleep in the stroller for his naps lately.  It's working out fairly well, I suppose.  I'd rather not have to leave the house to get him to go to sleep, but it is what it is.
  • Charlie continues to bring such joy to our family!


JHNickodemus said...

Wow! He's really starting to look like Henry! Especially in that first picture!

Denise Feil said...

YES, that first picture I thought was of Henry. That is crazy how much they are starting to look alike.