Community Concert...

We crossed another item off of our summer activity list!  We attended our town's outdoor community concert.  This was the third year that they have had this concert and we have been every year.  It's becoming a can't miss event for us!  I love that the boys can run around and play and still listen to the music at the same time.  Fun!

Henry listening to the music with Grandma Sharon...

Charlie listening to the music...

We made it until the intermission with just sitting and listening, and then the boys wanted to run around and PLAY!...

This little girl took quite a liking to Charlie.  She was really concerned about him having enough to drink!...

We ended up spending the second half of the concert in the back chasing kids with our friends.  Glad to have great music in town and friends and family to share it with :)

  • Take a hike
  • Visit a splash park
  • Visalia Rawhide game (6/1)
  • Backyard campout
  • Fix our bikes & ride them!
  • Lori Brock Museum
  • Chaffee Zoo
  • Build PVC Pipe sprinkler (5/29)
  • Visit the Shafter Museum (5/26)
  • Make kabobs
  • Go on a picnic (6/1)
  • Try one "new to us" restaurant
  • Attend our town's outdoor community concert (6/24)
  • Make homemade ice cream (6/11)
  • Pismo Beach
  • Carpinteria
  • Santa Barbara Zoo

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toni said...

That little girl still makes me laugh.