Happy Birthday to Denise!...

Grandma Gail and the boys and I went up to Fresno last week to visit Levi and help Denise celebrate her birthday.  Grandma Gail bought us lunch  from one of Denise's favorite places in the Tower District, Charlotte's Bakery, and then we had chocolate sheet cake for dessert.  G.G. Sue even joined us for a bit too, which was fun.  I noticed most of my pictures from our time together were of Levi and Charlie. Apparently I just couldn't get enough of them together.  They are pretty darn cute, how was I to resist?!

Charlie kept sticking his fingers in Levi's mouth.  Levi's starting to get some teeth now, so Charlie better watch out!

Levi was completely hilarious in his jumperoo.  He would jump up so high and point his toes like he was a little ballerina.  Then Charlie grabbed on and started bouncing with him, which Levi thought was funny, so he started squealing at the top of his lungs.  So funny!

Happy Birthday Aunt Denise!

After lunch we headed outside for a little pool party...

Good times!  I wish we lived closer, but if we have to live apart, a 90 minute drive isn't too shabby.

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toni said...

Cute cousins!