Happy Father's Day...

I had Henry answer a few questions about his daddy.  Here is what he said...

  1. How old is your dad...I don't know
  2. How much does your dad weigh...I don't know
  3. My dad was born in...a hospital
  4. M dad's favorite color is... white blue (he changed his mind)
  5. My dad's favorite food is...enchilladas
  6. My dad always says..."Hey both boys!"
  7. My dad's job is...to teach kids
  8. The first thing my dad does in the morning is...make me a smoothie
  9. My dad laughs when... I play hide-and-seek with him
  10. My dad's favorite place is...the high school weight room
  11. I love my dad because...he takes care of me
Happy Father's Day, John!

And Happy Father's Day to my dad and Bob.  And a very Happy First Father's Day to Uncle Andrew and Uncle Jay!

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Olive Oyl said...

Haha, love the answers. Popeye was a little offended today that Swee'Pea thought he was 41. Silly boys! Hope you guys had a great day!