Fun times with friends...

My childhood friend, Jill, brought her kids over last week to play.  When we run into each other throughout the year at various Rosedale Bible Church events, we always talk about how similar our boys are and how much fun they would have playing together.  So, we finally got them together, and guess what...we were right!  Cade and Henry loved playing baseball and CARS together!  2 peas in a pod is what they were.  In fact, after they left Henry was crying and told me that he was just sad that his friends left.  Then he went and took a 2-hour nap :)  Hopefully we can get our kids together at least one more time this summer!

Randomly we ended up with a picture of the kids in order from oldest to youngest: Isa (almost 7), Cade (4), Henry (3), Sydney (almost 2), Charlie (1).

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