Henry says...

Henry has been talking up a storm lately.  His vocabulary is cracking us up!

Last weekend we had this conversation in the kitchen after I made him some blueberry muffins...
Henry: Mom, you make the best muffins of all the muffins.
Mom: Thanks, Henry.
Henry: I like to enjoy them at parties and when I am on trips.

Today while John and the boys were walking around the High School ag farm Henry said...
"Dad, I like it out here.  It is very calm."

Last weekend the boys and I were in Fresno with Grandma Gail, Aunt Kelly, Aunt Denise, and Levi visiting G.G. in the hospital.  While we were there Henry started talking to a pre-teen boy about baseball.  After we left the hospital Henry said this to Aunt Kelly (I may not have this exactly right, correct me if I'm wrong, Kelly)...
"I did not expect to have that conversation while we were at the hospital."

Last week the four of us were driving to Bakersfield together and John and I were talking and Henry was reading a book in the back seat.  After awhile he said this to us...
"Can you guys stop talking?  You are distracting me.  I am trying to read my book."

Henry loves to sing our VBS songs.  He sings them all the time.  He never gets the words exactly right, but it is so funny to hear him sing what he thinks the songs are saying.  One song in particular contains these lyrics "into the great beyond."  For some reason, he thinks the song goes like this, "into the JBR."  He's even started calling this song the JBR song.  It took us forever to figure out which song the JBR song was, but we finally got it :)

Henry also likes to sing "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the street."

There is no shortage of entertainment around here, that's for sure!

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