Splash Park...

The boys and I met my cousin Julie at Jastro Park last week for a picnic lunch and a little fun in the splash park.  My parents were meeting for lunch nearby, so they stopped by too.  It was good having lots of eyes to watch the boys because there were a few shady looking characters hanging around while we were there.  All in all a fun day...

I can't get over how happy Charlie has been lately, I think his intensely grouchy phase is behind us for now :)

This is how Charlie eats raisins...by the handful!

  • Take a hike (7/17)
  • Visit a splash park (8/24)
  • Visalia Rawhide game (6/1)
  • Backyard campout
  • Fix our bikes & ride them!
  • Lori Brock Museum (7/5)
  • Chaffee Zoo (6/27)
  • Build PVC Pipe sprinkler (5/29)
  • Visit the Shafter Museum (5/26)
  • Make kabobs (7/10)
  • Go on a picnic (6/1)
  • Try one "new to us" restaurant (24th Street Cafe- Bakersfield, Zorro's- Shell Beach, & Clementine's- Carpinteria)
  • Attend our town's outdoor community concert (6/24)
  • Make homemade ice cream (6/11)
  • Pismo Beach (7/16-7/21)
  • Carpinteria (8/4-8/11)
  • Santa Barbara Zoo (8/8)

And with that I think we can say that our summer list is about done.  The only things we didn't get to were fixing our bikes and doing another backyard campout.  The campout may still happen this fall, but the bikes...who knows?  All in all a fun summer.  I enjoyed keeping our summer list and plan to do one again next year too!


Toni said...

Your dad makes a good bodyguard. Jasto is shady.

Toni said...