On Henry...

Lately Henry has been completely blowing me away with all that he is learning.  Yesterday he said to me, "Mom, did you know that 'exercise' starts with "X"?  And 'popcorn' starts with "P" and 'barn' starts with "B"?  I learned that on my Letter Factory DVD."  (I'd highly recommend this DVD to teach letters and their sounds).  He's even in the very beginning stages of recognizing that words can be sounded out.  The teacher in me can hardly contain my excitement with these new developments!  Lately I've be allowing Henry to use my label maker to practice spelling his name.  

Here is his first attempt:

And second, third, and fourth attempts:

He knows all of the letters that go in his name, he just has a hard time understanding that they need to be typed in a particular order.  Pretty good for a 3-year old though, I'd say!

His coloring is also improving at a rapid rate.  He can now draw circles, and more intentional straight lines, but most exciting of all to this color-loving mom is the fact that he is now willing to use more than one crayon color on his papers at a time!  (He's also discovered the hole punch in case you didn't notice :)

As much as I hate the fact that my boys are growing up, I just love watching them learn new and exciting things. Learning and growing has never been sweeter.

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Toni said...

love those little label maker names. so precious.