Charlie: 16 months...

16-month highlights:
  • Charlie really made it clear this month that he can be quite strong-willed and defiant.  Hitting, biting, pushing, tantrums,...oh my goodness.  Our boy, has definitely entered a new stage.  I am now learning how to discipline two at once.  Henry's not the only one getting spanks and timeouts anymore.    Charlie is keeping me on my toes!
  • Despite the above complaint, Charlie is still a sweet little guy most of the time.  When I walk in the room he likes to run up to me and grab my legs and give me a big hug.  After he does this he usually looks up and gives me a big gap-toothed, dimple cheeked grin.  It's just the cutest :)
  • Charlie loves to read books.  His current favorites are: anything by Richard Scarry, Charlie the Ranch Dog by the Pioneer Woman, and anything with tractors, animals, or sports in it are always winners.
  • Charlie likes to pick up a book and then bring it to me to read to him.  If I am sitting on the floor he will carry the book over to me and then back up until his heels hit my legs and then he will plop into my lap for a story.  It's probably my favorite thing that he does right now :)
  • It should also be noted that Charlie can sit for quite awhile and listen to a story.  He has a pretty good attention span for a 16-month old I'd say!
  • Charlie loves to make animal noises.  He can moo, oink, baa, and woof in his own sweet way.
  • He can also make the sound of a siren (which he does most often to refer to a fire truck) and do a "vroom-vroom" sound for a car.
  • Words he currently says: mama (still no "dada" yet, though), uh-oh, "guck" for truck or vehicle (at least that's what I think he's referring to), "ba" for ball, and "da" for pretty much anything else :)
  • He also loves to watch sports with John and yell "ba!" at the screen the whole time a game is on.
  • Charlie might not have a huge vocabulary yet, but he can sure get his point across through pointing, shaking his head no, and repeating various sounds until we can figure out what he wants.
  • Charlie is still quite the eater!  There are very few foods he doesn't like.  He LOVES meat, smoothies, oatmeal, taco soup, raisins, graham crackers, pretzels, yogurt & granola, beans, pizza, and pancakes (among other things that I can't remember right now).  Earlier this week we had tacos for dinner and I put some corn and beans in a bowl for him to eat.  I walked out of the room and when I came back in I found Charlie drinking the bean mixture directly from the bowl!
  • Charlie was sleeping through the night from about 8:00-5:30ish, but he's had a cold lately, so he's been ending up in our bed a lot earlier than that.  If there's one thing I've learned about my boys and sleep it's that I just have to be flexible and go with the flow (always my best quality ;) we'll have a good few weeks or months where the boys stay asleep in their beds all night, and then we'll go on vacation, or someone will get sick or hit a growth spurt, and then boom, we're back to boys crawling in with us in the middle of the night.  I used to think I wouldn't stand for this, but now it doesn't bother me one bit as long as we're all sleeping!
  • Charlie continues to nap really well.  He takes a nap sometime between 12 and 1 and usually sleeps about 2 hours.  I rock him in his room with the white noise on and when he falls asleep I put him down in Henry's bed and he sleeps really well there.
  • I took Charlie to the doctor for his 15 month check up a few weeks ago and his stats were: height: 35" (>97%), weight: 29 lbs. 6 oz. (94%), and head circumference: 49cm (90%).  So basically, he's still a big boy and I have a perpetual back ache to show for it!
  • Charlie is such a delight.  Watching him learn new things every day is so much fun.  John and I love parenting him together!


Sharon said...

We love our Charlie Boy too! He just looks so grown up!

Stephanie Ann said...

It is the same with Joshua. He is such a sweetie, but boy watch out when he gets into one of his moods! We never would have thought our sweet little Joshua could throw such a tantrum! :)