One of my all time favorite hobbies is to rearrange things in my house.  Furniture, picture frames, lamps, side tables...nothing stays put for long.  Every time I rearrange I always tell myself that I have rearranged for the last time, and that my current arrangement is the best ever, but then a few months go by and I find something else to tweak.  Little girls play with dollhouses and miniature furniture, big girls play with the real deal!  

This most recent movement started when I decided that I was sick of having the boys' toys stored in our black library shelves.  The shelves were made to hold books, not buckets/boxes of toys, so nothing ever fit quite right.  Plus, the shelves were open and always so messy looking that I was getting sick of looking at them.  I also felt like we had too many toys in plain sight, so both boys seemed to just throw things on the floor and make a huge mess, but never really "play" with anything.  So here's my latest rearrangement:

Here is the before with the black library bookshelves:

Same shelves but farther away:

 And here is the after with the new wooden bookshelves with sliding doors (I got this bookshelf at an antique store downtown that was going out of business and it's been living in Charlie's room for the last few months):

Same wooden bookshelves but farther away:

I like my new arrangement better because everything is hidden behind closed doors.  I lost a bit of storage, but I think it feels more spacious, so that's a big improvement in my book.  Usually when I rearrange I pretty much keep everything I have but move it to a different room.  This time though, I think I'm going to sell the black library shelves on craiglist.  I still really like the way they look, but they aren't the best storage option for kids' stuff and at this point, that's pretty much what I want to store.  Plus, if I sell them, I can buy something else fun for another room in my house.  That sounds good to me :)

And, after swapping the black shelves for the wooden bookshelves, I realized that I'm sick of this arrangement of "W"'s, so I think that will probably be the next thing that I rearrange...