Charlie: 21 months...

21-month highlights:

  • Charlie is quite the mama's boy.  He pretty much just wants me with him all.the.time.  If he is playing he will point to the floor implying that he wants me to sit right there.  If he wants me to read, he will just grab a book and crawl up into my lap.  I know I will look back very fondly on these days, but boy oh boy, it'd be great if he'd give daddy some love every once in awhile :)
  • Even though Charlie LOVES mama, he is particularly fond of Henry as well.  He LOVES to chase Henry around the house and the yard and copy EVERYTHING he does.  Charlie can't copy Henry's exact words, but he just makes sounds that mimic Henry's inflections.  Having Henry around definitely keeps Charlie occupied and gives me time to get other things done, which is a blessing!
  • Charlie still loves to eat.  Last night he ate a slice and half of homemade pizza, which is just a little bit less than what I ate!  It won't be long and mama's going to have to make 2 pizzas for these boys of mine!  Charlie doesn't seem to be too fond of chicken, but he still loves beef and pork and a variety of other snacks.  Fruit of any kind is a favorite and he likes vegetables when they are roasted or sauteed.
  • Charlie loves to play with our playmobile people.  He is obsessed with the fact that they ALL must be wearing their work hats at ALL times.  Once he makes sure that they all have their hats on, then he carries them around the house all day.  He also likes to shove them into the police car, ambulance, and fire truck.  He does the same thing with our Melissa and Doug toys too, except those people don't have hats, so they are slightly less popular :)
  • Charlie LOVES to play outside.  I open my kitchen window and I can watch he and Henry play outside in their playgarden.  They will play out there for a good hour or more, which is AWESOME!  It's one of the only places that he will play without mama for a long period of time.
  • Charlie still LOVES books.  Books have been responsible for easing his nursery experiences.  We've gotten to the point where anytime we drop him off at the nursery at CBS, aerobics, and church, the routine is for him to run in and grab a book and hand it to the nursery workers.  He doesn't even look back at me when I leave.  It's all about the books!
  • When we read books together, he loves to point to all the mamas in the story and yell "MAMA!" and then point to me and say "MAMA!" again.  He also likes to watch basketball games with John and point to the coaches on the screen and say, "DADA!"  It's pretty cute :)
  • Charlie's naps this past week have been less than stellar.  Twice in the past week I couldn't get him to even take a nap!  A serious bummer.  I told John that my sanity rests in the naptime sleeping habits of a 1 and 3 year old.  When they don't nap mama's grouchy!  I remember Henry has gone through various times when he hasn't fallen asleep easily and I start to entertain thoughts that maybe his napping days were over, only to have him return to his good nap habits a few days or weeks later, so I'm hoping this is the case here.  
  • Charlie's nighttime sleeping habits are all over the map.  One night he'll sleep through the night, the next he'll wake up at 11:30 screaming his head off.  After spring break it's time for night time sleep crack down around here.  
  • Charlie is still a delight for us.  One of my favorite things is when he runs up to me and yells "MAMA!" and grabs onto my legs and gives me a big hug.  Totally makes my day (and makes up for his erratic nighttime sleeping habits ;)  We loves our Charlie-boy!

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