Chaffee Zoo...

A few weekends ago we spent some time in Fresno for the MCC Sale and also managed to squeeze in some fun with our cousins at the Chaffee Zoo.  We started the day with Grandma Sharon, Aunt Jill, and Ruby, and then Grandma Gail, Aunt Denise, and Levi joined us a bit later.  It was a fun morning!

We got to experience the new Sea Lion Cove for the first time, and it was so well done! 

We also caught some of the bird show, which was really entertaining (although we didn't make it through the whole thing...something about being with 4 kids under 4 :)...

 And then Levi and Charlie spent some time chasing a squirrel.  I think this was their favorite animal at the zoo :)

And, of course, the petting zoo is always a hit!

We had a great day.  Every time we go to the Chaffee Zoo I am always so impressed.  It's such a nice zoo.  It has so much shade and is nicely laid out.  We are seriously lucky to only live an hour and a half away.  And, of course, our Fresno family and friends are even luckier!

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