A half birthday Dewar's trip...

My birthday is December 8th...not such a great day to have a birthday when you are married to a basketball coach.  The beginning of December is always FULL of basketball tournaments.  These tournaments usually come just after the football players have ended their season and John is busy trying to figure out which boys belong on which team, who is going to be eligible, and if he is going to have enough/too many boys for each team (He also has to figure out if he will need to make cuts, which is always a stressful decision and one that requires personal meetings with kids and phone calls to parents :(  These sorts of things consume him during this post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas time.  Which is right when my birthday falls.  SO...we've started trying to do a little something to celebrate my half birthday in June.  This year we went to Dewar's and got ice cream, and then went and picked up an inflatable pool at Target.  We know how to party :)

Happy 31 1/2 birthday to me!

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JHNickodemus said...

I like it! I used to ask my friends to celebrate my birthday in May so I could experience all the shenanigans when you have your birthday at school!