Baby #3: Weeks 18-24...

 Weeks 18-24 have been interesting for me.  During my 18th week I found out I had bronchitis again, so I had to take my second round of antibiotics :( and then midway through those antibiotics I developed what I thought was a skin rash from the medicine, but it turns out it was actually shingles!  So, they put me on my 3rd round of prescription medication this pregnancy!  (I don't think I even took anything as strong as tylenol with the boys...and here I am this go around taking medicine 3 times!)  Not an ideal pregnancy situation, but my doctors have assured me that 1. bronchitis in our area was actually quite common this past year due to our very limited rainfall, and 2. shingles in pregnant women when it starts to get hot is not something completely abnormal.    So, I'll take solace in those assessments I suppose.

I am also experiencing quite a bit of pelvic pain this pregnancy, which I'm sure has something to do with the fact that 1. I'm older 2. This is my 3rd pregnancy and 3. At 11 lbs 6 oz, Charlie wasn't exactly easy on my body.  I've had some good suggestions regarding how to deal with this from friends and family members, so hopefully I will find a few ways to work through it all.  Otherwise, I've got 16 weeks left to tough it out :)

Other than those small issues, this pregnancy is certainly flying by and I am especially enjoying feeling the baby move a lot.  It won't be long and John and the boys will be able to enjoy the movement too!  My 20-week ultrasound appeared to show everything looking normal, so we are thankful for that and are praying daily for this baby to continue to grow big and strong (just not TOO big :)





22-weeks (wearing my VBS shirt :):




Amber said...

Hi Katie :) You probably don't know me, but I know you from afar. Lol. That sounds creepy eh? I'm Jason Isaac's wife, Anber. I found your blog awhile back because I'm friends with Toni Frantz and I read her blog too! Then I found out you were teaching Cubbies and you had Sophia in your 3yr old class! Anyway, I wanted to stop being a lurker and say "hello"! I enjoy your blog and I love all your crafts :) I'm a crafty gal too, so it's always nice to get new ideas! Congrats on baby #3!! Yay! We had our 3rd this past October, finally had a boy! Perhaps this time you will have a girl! Anyway, sorry for the big novel here! ;)
Xoxo ~Amber

Katie said...

Glad to (sort of :) meet you Amber! Keeping this blog is a fun little outlet for me. Hope to meet you in person at Cubbies in the fall!