Luke: Week 1...

Week 1 highlights:

  • At this point Luke is pretty much a dream baby (I have no illusions that this will last forever, but it's at least worth noting for now!).  He is very easily soothed and doesn't feel the need to cry very often.  This is definitely new territory for us :)
  • Luke HATES diaper changes.  From the moment you take off one diaper until you put on the next, he screams.  Once the new diaper is on, he stops.
  • Luke is sleeping really well at night.  So far he seems to want to wake up around 1ish and around 4ish.  We usually lay him down for the night around 9ish.  Who knows if this will continue, but it's nice for now.  We are feeling pretty well rested over here!
  • He has already had his tongue-tie clipped twice, so hopefully we are done dealing with that.
  • When I took him in for his newborn check he was 9 lbs. on the nose.  So, he had already gained an ounce by 4 days old, which is pretty good.
  • He seems to be having no trouble in the nursing department.  I feel like he is already looking a bit chubbier than when he was born.  I take him to the doctor for his circumcision tomorrow, so we'll see how much weight he's gained.
  • Luke's filling his diapers like a champ.  Nothing wrong with his pipes :)
  • Henry and Charlie both love their baby brother.  Henry likes to hold him and once when John and I left the room he picked Luke up from the floor and moved him onto the couch.  Just about gave mom and dad a heart attack!  Charlie loves to point out when Luke's eyes are open and he also likes to tell me not to forget Luke when it is time to leave the house.  Although Charlie's initial reaction to Luke was somewhat dismissive, it's been sweet to watch him show care and concern for him now that he's had a little time to adjust.
  • Overall we are just thrilled to have another little boy in the house!  The days where daddy can take all 3 of them to Dodger games, the golf course, and other such manly destinations will be here before we know it!

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Cat said...

Katie! congratulations!! Three boys- how FUN!!! im jealous ;) you look great and Luke looks so precious. What great name choices for your boys too. Big congrats...wish i could meet all the boys!!