Luke: Week 20...

20-week highlights:

  • We moved Luke into the bedroom with Henry and Charlie this past week and so far so good.  Sleep training will not be fun, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Naps are pretty much always taken in the infant carseat next to a white noise source.  He also sleeps in the stroller frequently.  Naps in the crib just weren't working for us, so we've resorted to these measures, which seems to be the Wiebe Way.
  • Luke loves to watch his brothers!  When he's home with just me, he gets fussy much sooner than he would when Henry and Charlie are home.
  • Luke's hair is still pretty red and his eyelashes are very fair.  Maybe he will stay a redhead, who knows?
  • On the subject of hair, his definitely reminds me of Henry's.  It doesn't lay down particularly well and is pretty patchy.  Charlie's hair had completely fallen out by now, so who knows what his would have looked like if it had stayed in.  He's also got some serious cradle cap going on.  We haven't really messed with it too much, but hopefully it will clear up soon.
  • For the most part Luke is still a pretty happy little guy. We love him so!

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