Luke: Week 45...

45-week highlights:
  • Luke is starting to eat some more food.  He seems to like spaghetti sauce and he ate a ton of avocado last week at the beach (although that night he was sleeping with me and woke up and threw up all over me twice, so maybe the avocado didn't agree with him...or he ate too much?)
  • I'm working on trying to get Luke to drink out of a sippy cup and he isn't really interested.  He does, however, LOVE to drink water out of my glass.
  • Diaper changes...oh my.  They are the worst!  SO.MUCH.MOVEMENT!
  • Luke loves to stand at the fridge when it is open and pull things out.  He would seriously do this all day if I'd let him.
  • Luke loves to play on the patio and swing.  Unfortunately for him, it's been way too hot for either of those things right now!
  • Luke is still only napping on me.  I'm hoping it will cool off soon so that we can walk to pick up Henry and then maybe I can get him to fall asleep in the stroller.
  • Now that Henry is in school, Charlie is really turning into a wonderfully kind and protective older brother to Luke.  I love watching them together!
  • Luke is such a speedy crawler.  He is beginning to think about taking steps, so the walking should come soon.
  • This current phase Luke is in is so exhausting for me, but despite the exhaustion, he is such a sweet and funny little guy that I can't stay frustrated for long :)

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