Backyard meanderings...

Our backyard is in a current state of disarray. Trenches abound, which is a positive, but the clutter is downright disgusting. Oh well, a few steps backwards before the forward steps commence.

The good news is, my basil is flourishing...not so sure what's going on with the parsley, oregano, and dill, but hopefully they will soon follow suit.

This plant must thrive on abuse and neglect. I rarely water it, but somehow it has managed to survive. It's definitely a keeper.

More trenches

This is our old kitchen sink cabinet...I have big plans for it. I am going to turn it into the base of a potting hutch for the recycled paver patio. A number of men, who shall all remain nameless, have tried to convince me to rid myself of it, but I (of course) was not easily discouraged. I can't wait to reuse it.

Our cluttered patio...it makes my eyes hurt to even look at the picture

I kind of love this little rusty pot. The old owners left us with upwards of 20 pots scattered about the yard, and I think this one is probably my favorite.

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