We brought in reinforcements today...

John and I began our sprinkler work at 6:15 again this morning. My dad joined us at 9:30 and then brother, Ben, and cousin, James, arrived to help at 12:30. Many hands make light work is an understatement. Trenches were filled at record speed and everything seemed to progress speedily despite the heat (although, we did call it quits at about 3:00 due to the temperature). We believe that tomorrow will be the day that we will finally have a fully functional sprinkler system (with the exception of the timing component, which will be wired and installed soon by dad). I'm excited!

Dad with the soaker hose.
If you ever find yourself faced with digging lots of holes & trenches in your yard, I would highly recomend this yard implement. It is basically a hose with tiny holes throughout, that allows water to be directed to your digging area of choice. Very efficient.

Dad and brother Ben

cousin James

Ben with the sledge hammer

John fitting pipe amidst the cement remnants from Ben's sledge hammering.

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