Craigslist is fantastic...

When John and I moved into our house 2 years ago, his Aunt Susanne & Uncle Mark graciously loaned us some furniture. Having more space than furnishings, we gladly accepted it. I realized recently, however, that my summer furniture reshuffling rendered the loaned furniture unnecessary for us. So, after a quick consultation with Susanne, I placed the furniture on craigslist. After about a month of waiting, and one price drop, we finally sold the furniture! Besides the obvious benefit of making money, I love craigslist because, oftentimes, the purchasers will drive to your house and pick up their desired items, which means that we don't ever have to load it up and move it! Beyond the money & free pick up, the listing service is free! It doesn't get much better.


(although temporary until the recycled kitchen cabinets are ready...)

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