John's Aunt Susanne, cousin Kristen, baby Anna, Jill, Sharon and I all spent the past 3 days at the beach. Our days consisted primarily of eating, walking, shopping, and playing with Anna (and of course eating lots of yogurt from Yogurt Creations in Arroyo Grande). We ate at the usual: Splash Cafe, Pasta Bella, Broadway Bagels, Back Door Deli, and Pronto Mondo (in SLO) and embraced a new favorite lunch spot: Alphy's (in Arroyo Grande). Overall it was a great week with gobs of time to revel in the fact that a wonderful family is a true blessing.

Anna, the blossoming socialite, managed to make a new friend while we were out on the town. The rest of us were rather boring and kept to ourselves.

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Toni said...

Looks like fun! Its always so nice to get away for a while. I love the picture of all of you. Sharon and Jill look so much alike! From the way they are sitting to their hoodies and bermuda shorts :)