More of the same...

We're still working in the yard. Happy anniversary to us. If we've gotten to the point where we're doing yard work on our 3rd anniversary, we must be getting old.

John pulling out 2 more dead plants on the north side of the house

The dead azalea

I spackled, sanded, and repainted the holes from the old faucet. The previous one came up above the railing. The new one is much lower and more discreet.

Because our yard is full of newly filled in trenches there are plenty of deceiving soft spots throughout the yard. I found one, and randomly, John captured it:


timidvenus said...

okay. fyi, i really lovelovelove your blog.

(i decided id let you know i appreciate it. i read it all the time)

-sara woody

Katie said...

Thanks. I stop by yours often myself and just can't get enough of your sweet little girl. What a cutie.