We are finished...

...I can hardly believe it. We are now the proud owners/installers of 9 sprinkler lines: 3 in the front, and 6 in the back. It feels like Christmas. My dad will install the timing component next week, along with a handful of new outlets in the garage (right now we only have 1...for the garage door opener). After the sprinkler system can effectively run itself, we will begin bringing in additional dirt and leveling. After the leveling is complete flowerbeds will be marked and then the real fun begins...planting! I'm thrilled.

Not sure if you can tell, but that's wet dirt...from the sprinklers :)

This is probably my favorite part of my dad's sprinkler design. The 2 sprinkler heads (with white caps) nestled in the corners of the patio base are for a patio drip system. The one on the right will be able to water any flower boxes on the edge of the patio, and the one of the left will be able to water the flowerpots on the steps. It's really all about the little things for me I guess.

This is my second favorite part of the sprinkler system. This (and one other) faucet will sit on the east end of my raised bed vegetable garden! So Kelly, I'll be ready for that tomato plant you've been saving for me in no time! :)

I mentioned here that the previous owners left a plethora of flower pots for us...here are most of them, in all their glory (a few of the pots shown below are mine, but there are a few others in the front yard that I didn't take pictures of, so I'd say these pictures are an accurate depiction of what was left for us)...

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