The school year just got better...

I recently discovered that Halloween is on a Friday. No candy hangovers or droopy-eyed students for me!

This makes me almost as happy as my delicious San Francisco cannoli.


CeCe said...

OH, I know I was so excited. I wish I could just take that day off though. I hate getting called every 5 minutes over the loud speaker "Mrs. Chambless... please send up so and so... there are cupcakes and juice for him up here." I love the kids that are on free and reduced lunch, yet their parents sends $30 worth of Hi-C juice and custom bakery cupcakes for every holiday. Classic.

Katie said...

I share your sentiments. My favorite is when parents send a cake (instead of cupcakes) without plates or utensils. What do they think I'm supposed to do with that?!

The only thing better than Halloween on Friday, is Halloween on Saturday, but I'll take what I can get :)