We have grass (seed)!

My parents came over yesterday to ensure an effective application of all of our grass growing components: lime (to raise the pH of our soil), fertilizer, and the actual seed. Hopefully all will go well and we'll be mowing in a couple of weeks.

The grass seed, a blend appropriately called the "Bakersfield Mix" seemed to be a good match for our shady areas. It was recommended to us by the very knowledgable and helpful people at Gardener's Supply. If you ever are looking for a great landscaping store, Gardener's Supply is your place. It was as if there only concern in the world was that my grass planting succeeded & thrived. Such a different experience than dealing with Lowe's or Home Depot. Very refreshing.

John spreading

So, John was walking home from volleyball practice on Friday (yeah, he's coaching freshman girls volleyball this year if you can believe it!) and 2 girls from his team happen to live on our street, so they were harrassing him about our dirt in the front yard. One girl even asked John, "Uh, does your wife decorate?...because your house is pretty plain." To which John replied, "Does my wife decorate?! My wife lives for decorating and she has our house just the way she likes it." To which the girls apparently laughed and continued on their walk home. I couldn't believe my love for decorating would ever be called into question! I guess I'll forgive them though, the front of our house does look pretty terrible right now. Maybe after a few weeks they'll change their tune...

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