Sprinkler Repair...

Due to our massive sprinkler installation project last summer, John has become quite the sprinkler repair man. The two clogged sprinklers (mentioned here) had to be dug up and realigned. John got the job done quickly and easily, and now, all we have to do is sit and wait for our grass to sprout.

For those of you who knew John in his more formative years, you may find his household handyman status as a bit of a surprise, but I assure you, he fills the position quite well. And, being the proud owner of a 50-year old house (and the husband of a wife with an insatiable appetite for all things home improvement related), there appears to be no end in sight. So, I invite you to continue to watch his skills grow over time (as my ideas blossom & flourish :)

Luckily, my dad set us up with these really (really) nice swing joints attached to each of our pop-up sprinkler heads. These joints allow for easy maneuvering when problems such as ours arise.

The sprinklers...working again

John has this thing about footwear while doing projects...he was a little ticked that I chose these shoes to assist him in (In my defense, they were slip on, and right by the back door...)

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