2 new quilts...

...from 2 very special ladies. This one is a Cindy W. special made in Olivia fabric. I absolutely LOVE it!

This next one is from Grandma Net. I used to go to her house when she was working on it and tell her how much I loved it & how I wanted my first quilt to be made out of those exact fabrics...I guess she heard me because now it is mine. LOVE IT!

Isn't this just the coolest quilt label ever? Maybe I'll make one like this on quilt #2.


live a colorful life said...

It just makes me so happy knowing you like the Olivia quilt. And your other quilt is fabulous. I also love her label.

JHRME said...

I'm new to this Olivia-ness. I think I'll have to check these books out! (Maybe read them to the kids at the after school program.) Those are both great quilts!